Herb Maczollek owner of Artistic Design Studios specializes in fine metal art, custom murals and decorative painting.   For over 20 years, Herb has painted murals and decorative art for private commissions, businesses, museums and interior designers throughout the United States.                              


His passion is to create art that powerfully captivates and engages it's viewers.  Using aluminum as a medium, Herb carefully grinds and carves into the metal.  This highly unique process creates an amazing reflection of light, colors change and seem to dance around on the surface as the viewer moves around the art.


     "This is art on a whole new level, seemingly alive with movement & change that continually engages and inspires it's viewers."


Herb lives in Pueblo, Colorado and West Palm Beach, Florida and can be contacted at (262) 391-6131 for commissioned murals or decorative painting.  His metal fine art is available for purchase at art fairs, galleries and here in his online store. 




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